These are some frequently asked questions. 

We hope the answers are helpful and look forward to hearing from you.


What is the difference between carved glass & etched glass?

Both processes are done with sandblasting. Etched Glass (click to see an example) is a light frosting of the surface of the glass. Carved Glass (click to see an example) has different depths of blasting which add dimension to the design. The carved design catches light in the various depths. 


What type of glass is used for carving or etching?

We are able to carve & etch most types of glass, from 1/8" thick stained glass to 1/2" thick tabletops. There are 2 types of glass that meet safety codes. One type is called laminated glass and is 2 sheets of glass with a rubber laminate between them. This type of glass does not separate when it breaks. It's held together by the rubber layer. Laminated glass can be etched or carved. The next type of safety glass is tempered glass. This glass has been heated to make it very strong and when it breaks it does so in small pieces rather than shards. This type of glass can only be etched. Carving will cause it to blow due to the tension in this heat treated glass.


What colors are available to be etched or carved?

The available colors are starfire (an ultra clear glass) clear, light blue, light

green, turquoise, grey & bronze. All are available in 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" thick.


What is the lead time needed to complete a project? And what are the terms of service?

Our lead time is usually 6 weeks starting from the time that designs are approved. Our terms of service begin after a client accepts our quote for their custom project. We collect a deposit of 1/2 and begin to draw. We work with the client until we have approved designs and then begin the production steps. The second 1/2 is due on completion of the project.


How is shipping handled? Is the work insured?

We ship by major freight companies and a freight quote will be included with the art quote as needed. The work will be insured and we strongly recommend that you open your crates immediately as there is a time limit after delivery on most insurance. We crate the art glass at the studio. 


Can you work within my budget?

We try very hard to work within a clients budget. We can make suggestions to keep the work in a range that is workable.


Can you give me an idea of the cost?

Just as a mid price for single items (as opposed to volume orders) etching is $100.00 per square foot and carving is $120.00 per square foot. This is for custom designs of average intricacy. 

A fully etched panel where there is no pattern, just uniform etching for privacy, is $25.00 per square foot.

To determine square footage multiply the width in inches by the height in inches and divide by 144.


If I don't live near La Mancha Glass Gardens how do we communicate about my project?

It's very easy these days to communicate by phone or Skype and send drawings back and forth by email.


How do I get started on a project and what are the steps towards completing it?

The first step is to request a quote or contact us to discuss your ideas for your project. We can help you develop your concept within the medium of decorative glass. Designing is the next step and continues until a client is happy with the drawings. After the approval of drawings the designs are blown up and applied to the glass which has been covered by a blasting resist. All of these functions are done by hand. The piece is then sand blasted, either etched or carved. The final approval by the client is then either at the studio or through emailed photographs. 


How is the glass packaged for shipping?

Our crates are made of 2X4 or 2X6 boards and plywood. They're very sturdy and leave the studio well insured. There is a layer of foam at the bottom of the crate and the crates are filled with packing beans.


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